Three Benefits of Lawn Fertilization Before Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 2019 | Lawn Fertilization

While residential lawns in Texas pretty much remain green year-round, there’s a perfectly valid reason for that besides the weather. Most homeowners know that it’s still important to properly winterize their lawn and garden. Therefore, lawn fertilization during the fall months is an essential part of this procedure. In this article, we discuss the benefits of fall lawn fertilization and seeding before Thanksgiving.

Rejuvenates Your Lawn

Fall seeding and feeding is part of the secret to why your next-door neighbor’s grass is always greener. The combination of warm soil and cool air during the fall season is perfect for the growth of new seedlings. Fertilization also helps replenish the health of your lawn a bit faster. For example, it helps your lawn recover from the recent summer heat, droughts, and from frequent foot traffic.

In Texas, expert lawn and landscape providers will highly recommend ryegrass seeding as a premier option. Perennial plants can also help protect the soil from erosion and keep your lawn looking green during the colder months.

Helps Prepare Your Plants For Winter

Fall is the time when plants gear up for the colder months ahead. So, they’ll naturally begin storing up nutrients and establishing deeper and stronger roots in the soil. Lawn fertilization provides the needed boost your plants need to properly prepare themselves for the winter season. Then, come springtime, your grass will utilize the extra stored nutrients for rapid and healthy growth. And the best part? Your lawn is healthy, lush, immaculately greener and thicker.

Protects Your Lawn Against Weeds

The best method for weed control is to take proactive measures and treat your lawn before they have a chance to sprout. Lawn fertilization during the fall helps kill off weeds in your lawn and garden areas. It also reduces their likelihood of reemerging in springtime. This is vital to a healthy and beautiful Spring landscape.

Overall, lawn Fertilization gives your yard the support, stamina, and energy it needs to properly survive and thrive during the winter. So, when Spring comes again, lawn maintenance is easier because the treatment has also minimized the risk of weed growth.

Happy Fall & Happy Thanksgiving!



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