Useful Tips on Lawn Care Tomball, TX Locals Should Consider

Jul 28, 2015 | Articles

Looking for helpful tips on how to maintain your lawn? Check out these useful lawn care Tomball, TX tricks everybody can apply for relevant information on how to maintain the aesthetics of your property. These tricks are brought to you by our professionals to help you save both time and effort, all requiring little investment.

1. Learn About Weeds

Weeds possess some interesting benefits making them a great addition in our lawns. The main benefit of weeds is that they can tell us a lot about soil conditions. For example, if you notice than dandelions are growing that means that there is more magnesium than calcium in the soil. The experts from weed control Tomball TX can make sure you are prepared for any adversities.

2. Planning Lawn Care Tasks

In order to save time and effort the first order of business would be making lists for different tasks, our lawn care The Woodlands, TX pros recommend. As such you should compile 4 sets of lists. The first one should refer to daily assignments such as watering or inspecting the grass. Then weekly, monthly and seasonal task lists should be made. From weekly task such as sides trimming and sweeping to monthly ones that include nourishing the soil. When it comes to seasonal changes, you will have to reapply fertilizers to cover sensitive plants during winter months. Our lawn care Tomball, TX professionals can aid you in determining what to do and when.

4. How to Fight Dark Spots

A common problem in lawn care is represented by dark spots that appear with time. Due to the fact that we constantly cutting the grass. As a result grass seeds aren’t allowed to grow and root, instead having different weeds spreading their seeds, germinating under the right conditions. A quick fix to this problem is to have a spare jar of grass seeds deposited in a dark, dry place. Whenever you see a dark spot sprouting just spread some seeds with a thin layer of compost on top. After a couple of weeks in which you kept the seeds wet, your lawn will be as good as new.

Looking to learn more about lawn care? Our professionals at Archer Services are always willing to help. Give us a call today! We offer the best lawn care services in Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Cypress, North & West Houston, Humble & Jersey Village, TX.



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