Texas Residents Share Top Five Best Practices For Lawn Care

Apr 29, 2015 | Articles

Every property owner dreams of that perfect-looking lawn that will increase the general aesthetics of the residence. However, if not maintained properly, their aspect will be far from the desired one. Without the appropriate treatments, some lawns may become full of weeds or moss, while others will look bare and patchy. On the other hand, correct maintenance will enhance the natural beauty of your garden, creating the ideal environment for you to unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Here is a list including the five best practices for lawn care Spring, TX residents share:

  1. Mowing

The mowing procedure influences the health of both grass and roots. Thus, improper mowing can lead to various lawn problems. The most important tip you should remember is to cut the grass to the right height. In order to maintain the health of the roots, avoid the scalping of the lawn, instead, keep the grass on a level that allows it to regrow from mowing. In case of overgrown grass, cut only 1/3 of it.

  1. Watering

Overwatering is a common mistake many lawn owners make, especially on hot weather. Unless using the right amount of water, this procedure can harm your grass and plants. When watering your lawn you should consider the fact that there are different types of grass, each one with specific water needs. Additionally, wind, temperature, and moisture are important factors that influence watering routines.

You should remember that early morning is the best time to water your lawn and that it’s better to do this every once in a few days. This way the roots will be allowed to absorb the water deeper and develop properly.

  1. Fertilizing

Proper fertilization will improve the general appearance of your plants, helping you achieve the trademark lush green of a healthy lawn. You can keep a proper balance by applying fertilizers at a 2-month interval. This will allow your lawn to absorb just the right amount of nutrients at the proper time.

  1. Weeding

If you consistently perform mowing, watering, and fertilization, weed control shouldn’t be a big problem. However, certain conditions cause the weeds to feel stress, which will make them grow uncontrollably. Some weed control procedures include performing pre-emergent application, using of post-emergent sprays and other products, as well as re-seeding.

  1. Soil Maintenance

You can identify the condition of your soil by testing it. A healthy soil equals a healthy root system and vice versa. It’s very important to maintain the PH balance of the soil. This also allows it to absorb nutrients, which keep the deep green color of the lawn.

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