Top 5 Fabulous Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Texans in the Fall

Sep 30, 2021 | Landscape Construction, Landscape Design, Landscape Maintenance

The sweltering Texas summer months have flown by, and it’s time to start thinking about fall. Your backyard is your oasis – get it fall-ready with ideas hand-selected for the unique Texas climate.

5 Fall Season Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Texas

The change of seasons is a great time to give your lawn a new look. Here are some backyard landscaping tips that will work nicely in the fall:

1. Specialized Texas Lawncare to Keep Your Pastures Green

When it comes to landscaping, nothing catches the eye quicker than thin spots and bare patches among your greens. Your lawn is the foundation on which your dream backyard is built, so it is important to keep it full and healthy. Overseeding thin lawns is critical to regaining and maintaining that lush green grass. Archer Services provides a wide variety of lawn maintenance services, including fall overseeding and leaf removal.

2. Consider Seasonal Fall Flowers that are Local to Texas

Native plants are a must! Your lawn health, and the health of the surrounding ecosystem, depend on it. Texas boasts several breathtaking native flowers that will add pops of color to your backyard.

The golden-yellow tones of Esperanza and the ruby red, butterfly-feeding Flame Acanthus are obvious choices for the fall color scheme, but don’t stop there! A spray of Beautyberry plants – which bear fruit with bright purple-pink berries in the fall – is a unique addition to a fall scene.

Archer Services can supply many flowers by the flat, as well as planting and fertilization services. Don’t see the flowers you’re looking for? Give us a call to discuss special orders and other backyard landscaping ideas that might be fit for the Texas fall season!

Bonus Idea: Consider planting Bluebonnets. Not only are they the Texas state flower, but fall is the perfect time to plant. Bluebonnets bloom in the spring, so your backyard will be ahead of the curve as things warm up next year!

3. Spruce Up Extant Flowerbeds

While you’re putting in new plants anyway, why not take care of those flowerbeds and under-tree beds?

Autumn in Texas is a great time for mulching, not only in helping retain moisture but in helping to insulate the soil in the winter months.

Archer Services provides mulching services and offers solutions to retain the wall construction for flowerbeds that could use some extra help.

4. Accessorize with Herbs

Herbs can add a little something special to your backyard. They’re great for butterflies and pollinators, they smell amazing, and just provide something different from the ones in the neighborhood. To set your backyard apart this autumn, try sage, rosemary, and mint!

5. Add Show-stopping Fall-Friendly Features

Consider adding a permanent feature that’s as striking in the fall as it is all year round. Night lighting is a great option that brings new life to any backyard, no matter the season. Also, installing or repairing a patio gives you access to a friendly outdoor space through most of the warm and temperate Texas seasons.

Most importantly, your backyard should be a reflection of you. Give Archer Services a call. We work with you to design and make your unique landscape dreams a reality. Talk to us about fall season backyard landscaping ideas for Texas today.



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