3 Landscaping Strategies: Redesigning Unattractive Property

Dec 9, 2015 | Articles, New Construction Landscapes

A well-manicured lawn and a beautiful landscape increase a property’s curb appeal. That is a given. However, if you stumbled upon a great house in a great neighborhood, you may not pay so much attention to the lawn and garden. Sometimes some owners leave their landscape unattained. Sometimes the lawn is damaged or simply uncared for. If you really want that house and don’t mind a bit of work, then close the deal. Your landscaping Conroe, TX specialists can help you fix the damaged property and make-over the entire landscape with no problems. Let’s see three redesigning strategies you should know about.

1. Attend to the Soil

A complete landscape redesign should always start with the soil – or the infrastructure if you like. Lawn care Tomball, TX experts also agree that before you plan a landscape make-over you should test the soil first. You need to know its state of health, its pH levels, and its need of aeration, dethatching, de-cluttering, and of nourishments. Your redesign plan may begin with profound aeration or with a fertilization program.

Landscaping Conroe, TX specialists will tell you exactly what your soil needs so everything you plant on it to thrive. If you want to live on that property for many years, keep in mind that you need to plant resilient shrubs and trees and native flowers. They are well-adapted to your local climate conditions and can successfully resist a pest infestation. Invest for the future, by getting high-quality gardening tools and choosing the optimal substances to achieve proper lawn maintenance.

2. Choose a Landscape Design

Now that your soil is properly cared for, it’s time to add beauty to functionality. Choose an expert landscaping Conroe, TX company to build the landscape of your dreams. Any design should take into account the climacteric conditions of your area and the threats you are exposed to (pests, weeds, extreme weather conditions and so on). Consider how much time and money you are willing to invest in a rain-forest style of landscape, or if the landscape theme matches the house’s architecture and design.

You need to build your landscape around the house and the annex buildings and make sure it will thrive many years from now on. Your local lawn maintenance Conroe, TX experts can help you implement a reliable lawn care and landscape management so you can have a lush, thriving property with little effort and money.

4. Plan for the Long-Term

Landscaping Conroe, TX experts warn property owners not to aim for short-term results. This means you should look at your landscape as an ever-expanding project meant to satisfy future needs and wishes. You need to leave enough free space so you can build and add other landscaping elements at some point, such as a barbecue grill and bar, a garden party deck or even a playground for the children. You may want to also build a vegetable garden or add a kiosk.



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