Joyful Holiday Landscape Design Trends

Nov 15, 2017 | Landscape Design

This year’s holiday season is on its way, promising plenty of annual family fun, fellowship, beautiful landscape designs, and memories to recount for generations to come. Incorporating holiday décor into your landscape design gives guests a warm welcome before you even open the door to invite them inside. While some outdoor décor is timeless, a few interesting retro-contemporary trends are making their way into this year’s mix.

Repurposed Items

As they say, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. With a creative eye and a little extra time, you can find some of the most incredible outdoor holiday décor in items that would’ve otherwise been sent to a landfill or recycling facility.

Place candles in red and green colored glasses or empty wine bottles, and place them along the sides of your front steps for a soft, festive glow. Create a tree or holiday-themed signage using old pallets. Use trimmings from your indoor tree to put together wreaths for the front door, and decorate them with scraps of ribbon or bedazzled sweetgum balls.

Let creativity and the items you have on hand be your guide. In truth, there’s no limit to the ways everyday remnants can be repurposed to spruce up your home for the holidays.

Rustic Appeal

In a world completely inundated with flashy techno glitz, one of this year’s trends seems to be veering away from the norm. Falling in line with the repurposing theme, many holiday aficionados are falling back on more rustic décor.

Galvanized metal, aged wood, all things beautiful and natural and a wide range of other resources go a long way toward adding a feel of the olden days into your landscape design during the holidays. It’s a lovely, holiday-oriented touch in a time when too many cutting-edge innovations appear to dominate virtually every market.

Minimalistic Approach

Still keeping with the rustic and repurposing trends, a number of people are decorating for the holidays based on the old “less is more” theory. A little embellishment on the front door and entryway, a few trimmings around the mailbox and a handful of carefully planned adornments placed strategically across the front lawn are all you really need to lend festivity to your landscape design when following this line of thinking.

Lighting Doesn’t Have to Be Left Out

For those with their hearts set on the relatively new tradition of Christmas lights, they’re still readily available and certainly won’t be frowned upon by any means. In fact, they can actually be helpful tools during the holiday season.

Consider stringing lights along your walkway or the typical path from your parking spaces to the front door to highlight these predetermined routes. It’ll make your outdoor holiday décor pop while helping protect your landscaping from all the extra foot traffic of the holidays.

Classic Traditions

Evergreens are, well, evergreen especially when it comes to decorating for the holidays; of course, not everyone has firs, pine trees, spruces or Leyland cypresses incorporated into their overall landscape design. This doesn’t mean you can’t temporarily add them into the mix this time of the year.

Going back to the repurposing trend, why not paint old, unused planters with a vibrant Christmas design, and place small evergreens in those for your holiday scheme? You could also embellish metal buckets and let those be short-term homes for tiny evergreens. You’d have a splash of tradition without destroying your landscaping for temporary decorating purposes.

Bottom Line

This year’s holiday landscape designs are heading in the opposite direction of most of the modern world. Going back to the past with your outdoor décor creates a lovely, rustic and minimalistic scene for guests and passersby to behold.

All that being said, there’s nothing wrong with going all out. If your family prefers all the flash and excitement of the modern-day norm, it definitely makes for a dazzling outdoor display. Don’t hesitate to put out all the giant inflatable Santas, Christmas trees, snow globes and laser light projectors you want, so long as you enjoy your yard and home for the Holidays!

Regardless of your outdoor design scheme, this holiday season is sure to be filled with love, laughter and togetherness, and it’ll generate plenty of new memories to add to those of years long gone. Furthermore, if you’re one who doesn’t have time or talent when it comes to maintaining your landscape while also making it festive for the Season, it’s always worth the added convenience to consult with professional landscape companies like Archer Services of Houston, to take the load and care off your hands. Click Archer for more information.



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