Foot Treading: A Problem for Winter Lawn Care

Dec 27, 2017 | Lawn Care Services

Most people don’t think much about lawn care during the winter. Unless a homeowner lives in an area with a year-round temperate climate, the odds are high that they’ve put their lawn care routine on hold for a few months. However, there are steps to take during a harsh winter that ensure the health of the lawn once spring arrives. Just in time for the winter solstice, below are a few easy lawn maintenance tips, especially when it comes to keeping animals, people, and vehicles off your frigid winter grass.

Winter Fertilization

Early winter and late fall are the right times to feed cool-season grasses. Because most lawns are made from these grasses, such as bluegrass and Bermuda, it’s likely that the yard has a cool-season blend. Before the year’s first freeze, ask a professional to fertilize the lawn to replenish the nutrients lost during summer. Once winter arrives, the fertilizer will feed the lawn all season long, and the spring lawn will be green, lush, and healthy.

Keep Traffic to a Minimum

When grass is short and brown, it’s easy to forget that it should not be walked upon. Homeowners should make efforts to minimize foot, animal, and vehicle traffic during the winter. While grass is somewhat resilient, it has a hard time recovering if a path is worn into the lawn. Keep sidewalks cleared of snow and ice so guests aren’t tempted to cut through the yard, and don’t allow anyone to park a vehicle on the grass. Using the yard as a makeshift parking lot is the quickest way to kill beneficial grasses and allow weeds to grow in.

Cut it Short

At the end of summer, homeowners should lower the lawnmower’s cutting base a bit with each use. Gradually cutting the grass shorter will allow it to make it through the winter without undue shock from a sudden cut, and prevent insects, mice, and other vermin from making soil boroughs in tall grass and weeds to later ruin your lawn. When the grass is cut short for the season, fragile new growth is protected.

Prepare Early

Since there’s not much lawn care to do during winter, heeding to fall preparation tips will help set your lawn up just right until spring’s warmth arrives.

  • Aerate, mow, and fertilize the lawn before winter’s first freeze.
  • Remove dead leaves to prevent wet areas that may become moldy or mossy.
  • Keep the lawn clear and ask everyone to stay off the grass while it’s dormant.

These tips, among others, can ensure the health of the lawn throughout even the harshest winter.

Keep Things Clean

It’s easy to leave items in the yard during winter, when no one goes outside. If outdoor objects are left on the lawn all winter, they can create dead spots, and spring growth will be stunted in these areas. Toys, stray logs, and lawn furniture is easily overlooked, but it’s important to remove them before the first freeze.

Place Your Houston Lawn Care in Trusted Hands

While winter can bring plenty of fun, its cooler temperatures can be damaging to a home’s lawn if the proper precautions aren’t taken. By staying off the grass, fertilizing at the right times, aerating, cutting the grass short in the fall, and keeping the yard clear, homeowners can prevent dead spots and enjoy a healthy green lawn when spring comes. For additional lawn care tips, or to schedule convenient hassle-free service, connect with Archer Services of Houston at (281) 203-7615.



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