Colorful Winter Perennials in Landscape Design

Feb 14, 2018 | Landscape Design

Even though some of the brightest garden and Texas landscape design colors are seen during the warmer months, there are plenty of ways Houston area residents can enjoy a variety of colorful plantings during the winter. Archer Services works with homeowners to develop luscious lawn and landscape designs that provide vibrant colors throughout the year. Learn how your yard can look gorgeous during the cold months, and still be ready for Spring.

Bedding Plants Provide Visual Treats

Pinks are a wonderful option for the Houston region and will bloom in all but the coldest weather. With red, white, and purple options, pinks are certainly a flower to consider for area gardens.

Another hardy option for the region is geraniums. They will bloom reliably in the Houston area unless there is unusually cold weather. If hardiness is an issue due to some type of microclimate, gardening experts suggest planting geraniums in containers that can be brought in if a severe cold snap should occur.

Primroses are also worth considering and offer color options including brilliant whites, purples, reds, and pinks. Since primroses can grow to about 10 inches, they are frequently paired with cyclamens or other shorter plantings that allow a well-balanced look for area gardens.

Foliage Plants: Hardy Options for Residential Landscape Designs

Dusty miller and purple heart provide colorful are also recommend for the Houston area, as they are hardy and stand up well to area weather conditions. They add color and structure to gardens. Of course, don’t forget ever-blooming roses like Belinda’s Dream and Katy Road that often flower throughout the winter months.

Discover Berries for Long-Lasting Color

Holly, pyracantha, and a host of other options add long-term color to area Texas landscape designs. Since many of the choices are not targeted by birds, the berries remain on the plants for most of the winter.

Shrubs & Trees Provide Additional Color Options

Height is another element when considering plantings for Houston area winters, and there are several species that add a burst of color during winter months. At Archer Services, our team works with property owners to develop comprehensive landscape design plans that make use of various shrubs and trees that add not only color but balance to a property’s landscaping.

Container Plants Add Even More Color

If you’re willing to protect some plants during the area’s brief cold snaps, container plants can add more options to provide color during winter months. With more delicate container plants, it may be necessary to provide some level of protection during particularly wintry weather, that’s not normally a major issue.

Container plantings are also wonderful additions to patio areas or decks residents intend to use throughout the year. They’re brilliant design elements that add character to otherwise lackluster areas. If you’re interested in exploring other options for patio and deck areas, we’ve got a range of available options to select from.

Winter doesn’t have to mean residents can’t enjoy a range of colorful outdoor plantings. At Archer Services, we work with Texas homeowners to keep yards colorful throughout the year with professional landscape design services. If you don’t have the time or the skill for yard and landscaping upkeep, connect with us to schedule a consultation. We’re available at tel:281-203-7615.



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