Color Your Property: Landscape & Lawn Care Experts Share

Feb 22, 2016 | Articles, Plants

When you look inside a house, your attention is immediately drawn by patches of color, striking and bold contrasts or gorgeously blended nuances of walls, accessories, tapestry, and furniture and so on. Why should it be different when it comes to your property? Lush and brightly colored flower beds, ornamental bushes and shrubs, colored fences acting like backdrops for contrasting foliage – these are the main strengths of your lawn and garden. Today, our lawn care Conroe, TX specialists got together with their landscaping Spring, TX partners and came up with 5 easy and smart ways to add more color to your property.

1. Flowers and Plants

The easiest way to add more color to your front yard, lawn, patio and outdoor living spaces is to plant colored flowers, shrubs, bushes and hedges. Our lawn care, Conroe, TX experts advise you to choose perennials, vines, plants and flowers resilient to the specific climacteric conditions of your area and ask a landscaping Conroe, TX team to place them so they thrive healthily and enhance the looks of your property.

2. 50 Shades of… Green

Do you know those soccer fields built in at least two different shades of turf, in equally wide stripes? Why couldn’t you add some color and contrast to your own lawn by choosing different species of grasses and turf? Of course, you should ask your lawn care Conroe, TX team to pick the best grass species and prepare the soil before seeding. Also, they can help you create grass patterns, such as chess board, concentric circles or stripes. Light green turf mixed with dark green blades will turn your lawn into a symphony of color in no time.

3. Hardscape

Imagine red bricks, ivory pavers, dark gray cobblestone or even blue colored marble plaques to adorn a lawn bar & barbecue area, a patio or a resting area. You can always paint your lawn not with grass dye, but with pathways, driveways, stone fire pits and even river stone colored water fountains. They all go great with sparkling green turf, colored flowers, and even vegetable gardens. A reliable lawn care Conroe, TX company is able to maintain your beautiful property and manage both natural lawn and hardscape elements.

4. Lawn Lighting

Lawn and garden illumination definitely add value, comfort, beauty and safety to your property. Take things up a notch and install colored garden lamps, colored LED lights to enhance your flower beds and decks, your pond waterfall. Brighten up your pathways, decks, and patios with lamps, bulbs and hanging Christmas-like light strands and add color, contrast and glow to your lawn during the night.

5. Movement and Life

A garden buzzing with butterflies, bees, ladybugs or birds is a healthy ecosystem meant to thrive. Plant sweet flowers, trees, and vegetables and let pollinators and beneficial insects or birds to buzz all summer long, adding not only color to your garden, but also movement. You can add even more color and life if you simply add containers and pots with veggies or scented herbs here and there.

How do you like our landscaping and lawn care Conroe, TX experts’ ideas?



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