Gerbera Daisies – Spring Flowers

Jun 4, 2019 | Blog

These beautiful and bright flowers have several names or pronunciations.  Gerber or Gerbera Daisy are the two most common.  They originate from South Africa and they have so many different bright color options!  They can also be planted indoor or out depending on the variety that you select at the store.

These perfectly bright rays of sunshine are great for cuttings and will last days after being cut and placed in a vase.  Simply twist and snap quickly at the base of the flower, then cut the very bottom off to allow the flower to absorb more water.   The trick to getting them to last the longest is selecting the youngest flowers.  To tell the age of the flower look at the center of the individual flower, the center or Disc.  If it is still flat and bright in color it is young.  If it has domed more and even started turning dark in color then it is an older flower.  Choose the younger ones and your arrangements will last must longer!

Ideal conditions and best uses for theses flowers.

Gerber Daisy flowers do not like Full sun all day long but prefer some shade especially in the late afternoon when it gets the hottest.  So the will typically do very well on East side of the house or where a tall tree will give some short breaks in the sun light.

Gerber Daisies do very well in pots especially since most pots have well drained soils.  If your soils are holding too much water they will be susceptible to fungus and too weak to ward off any insects.  They also don’t like to get their leaves wet.  So drip irrigation is perfect for these flowers.  When you are planning your Landscape Design it is always best to let your designer and contractor know that you would prefer drip irrigation in all of your landscape beds. As most plants prefer not to get their leaves wet.  Gerber Daisies do like to have moist soils.  The easiest way to get a little moisture meter.  They have a little probe that you can stick into the soil down where the roots are to see if it is dry or too wet.  The leaves the Daisies tend to wilt if they are too much of either one and sometimes it is difficult to tell from the surface.  Check out this site that rates 10 of the most popular meters:

I also mentioned that you are able to grow Gerber Daisies indoors.  They can be a bit tricky unless you have the perfect window light.  They like bright light but they do not want to get too hot, so morning light is usually the best.  Here is a link to a great article that goes into more depth about watering and light conditions: Tips For Growing Gerbera Daisies Indoors

primary colors of gerbera daisies are red, white yellow, pink and orangeColors and Types of Gerbera Daisies.

This flowers is the fifth most popular flower in the world!  They are in the same family as Sunflowers and Daisies.  There are MANY different varieties of these beautiful flowers.  Some of the dwarf varieties tend to do well inside and they only reach about 12 inches tall with flowers that are 3 inches to 4 inches across.  The plant itself takes up less than 12 across as well.  There are also medium and large varieties.  The larger varieties will reach approximately 18 inches in height and as they mature can reach up to 3 feet across in width.  As they mature the base will expand but they will NOT start to seed all over yard and become a nuisance.

The colors of these beautiful flowers have many different shades of these primary colors: Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, and White.

If you have never tried Gerber Daisies in the past, give this one a shot.  Everyone needs a little more sunshine in their lives and these little flowers will definitely help bring that.  If you have any questions or comments please write back or email us at  Thank you for reading and sharing with your friends!



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