4 Lawn Care Strategies for Improved Curb Appeal

Mar 17, 2015 | Articles, Front Yards

For most Americans, the most valuable thing they will ever own is a home. It is undoubtedly an asset, no matter if you plan on reselling it in the future, or want to spend the rest of your life at the same address. This is why it’s essential to care for your home, improve it as best you can, and reap all the benefits it has to offer. One target of your time, effort, and financial investments is your front lawn, yard, or garden – and our Archer Services lawn care experts understand this just as well as you do. This is why they’ve put together a cursory list of four tested and true strategies for properly maintaining a lawn. Check them out, and then give us a call if you think your lawn could benefit from the input of our lawn care pros.

#1 Respect biodiversity

No matter how much you invest into all the latest lawn maintenance technologies and scientific developments, there’s nothing quite like a biologically diverse lawn and/or garden. Our experts like to think of each lawn as a small ecosystem. That’s because several types of insects and birds can help keep unwanted pests at bay, while other species, like bees and butterflies, will aid with the pollination of your planted flowers. We recommend that you position bird feeders some 5 feet above the ground and 10 feet away from vegetation patches, so that predators don’t get in the way of your lawn thriving.

#2 Water efficiently

There’s a science to watering a lawn or garden the right way. It is especially useful knowledge in the warm season, when the top layer of soil become dry from a lack of rainfall. Our Archer Services experts recommend drip irrigation systems, which slowly water the soil and help the root systems of your turf and plants to draw water out of the ground more efficiently. To boot, drip irrigation has massive esthetic appeal, since it can actually enhance the way your lawn looks.

#3 Make it fragrant

If your garden is missing herbs and fragrant plants, then you’re definitely missing out. Not only are such plants usually beautiful to look at, but they can also deter pests from attacking your grass and flowers. And, of course, most of them can actually be harvested, left to dry, and then used as great additions to your cooking.

#4 Fertilize the right way

Proper fertilization will do more than just keep your greenery lush and healthy. It can also keep pests at bay, prevent the accumulation of thatch and the development of fungus. Make sure you have your soil’s pH level tested before actually trying out fertilization, since any level beyond 5.5 requires the sparing use of fertilizing substances.



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