3 Tips: Lawn Care Specialists on Post-Overseeding Procedures

Jan 24, 2016 | Articles, Maintenance

A green lush lawn and landscape would be nothing without proper overseeding. This common practice in lawn management is a seasonal activity our lawn care Cypress, TX pros appreciate a lot. This activity is not only implemented to cover bare and dry spots on your lawn or garden, it is a sustainability-based task as well. It aids the entire lawn to grow stronger, better and greener.
As a landscaping activity, overseeding is used to bring texture and color to the lawn, turning it into a lush patch of Paradise. In poorly managed or damaged lawns, overseeding plays a crucial role to counter the negative impact of compacted soil, poor drainage, weeds and pest outbreaks, improper fertilization or extreme weather phenomena.

The problem with overseeding, however, is that not many people know what to do afterward. Is it enough to overseed the lawn when the time comes, or are there any specific tasks you need to employ to ensure that overseeding leads to the expected results? Our team of lawn care Cypress, TX specialists (together with their landscaping Conroe, TX colleagues) is here today to walk you through the post-overseeding process.

1. Lawn Mowing

The first question that comes to mind is “when to mow the freshly-overseeded lawn?” The logical answer is to mow your lawn only after the grass reaches the right mowing height – depending on the turf type. Our lawn care Cypress, TX pros, however, warn you to keep in mind the following: don’t stress the newly overseeded lawn for 2 to 4 weeks. You need to let the grasses root strongly and germinate robustly before you engage in any stressing activity for the lawn. This means you should have everybody stay away from the lawn and be careful when watering it.

2. Lawn Watering

Speaking about watering, when and how should you water the newly overseeded lawn? Lawn care Conroe, TX experts recommend you water the overseeded lawn at least two times a day. It needs as much help as it can get to establish roots and reach nutrients. Also, you should make sure that at least ¼ inch of the top soil stays moist at all times, so grass seedlings can reach out of the aeration holes. Make sure you don’t stomp the grass when you water, so it’s better to have some lawn care Cypress, TX specialists to implement a post-overseeding watering plan and tell you when to come back to your regular watering routine.

3. Weed Control

Weeds have the talent of showing up right after you overseeded. Don’t let them bother you, as an invasive fertilization project might damage the seeds. Ask your local lawn care Cypress, TX company to implement a post-overseeding fertilization plan to keep weeds at bay, without harming the grasses. Some experts say you shouldn’t apply any type of herbicide or chemical substances until your new turf has grown strong and you mowed it at least four or five times.



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