3 of Your Biggest Texas Summer Lawn Care Issues

Jun 21, 2018 | Lawn Care Services

Most Texas property owners get plenty excited about welcoming summer, but not necessarily about the additional lawn care maintenance that’s required. As we all know, the summer climate comes with its fair share of problems that directly affect your lawn. As such, lawn health issues have a tendency to worsen, often leaving homeowners slightly frustrated. However, there is hope for those who choose to take advantage of professional lawn care services. Below are 3 of the most common problems that could happen to your summer lawn.

#1 Dry Brown Patches

Like all plants, grass tends to react poorly to intense heat and direct consistent sunlight. Without proper watering, grass blades begin to wilt, brown, and even form dead patches across your lawn. Homeowners can determine if drought is to blame for developing stressed brown patches. They can simply pull on a patch to evaluate how difficult it is to remove. They can also check to see if a blade can easily go through the brown patch. You’ll know that drought is the culprit and that your grass is dying in two ways:

1. If the browned grass is firmly rooted and difficult to pull up from the soil.

2. And, if the blades cannot penetrate well into the soil for moisture.

With help from professional lawn care services, Texans can rest assured that their lawn will be well maintained. Brown patches and signs of blade stress are possible indications of drought. Professional landscapers can detect these issues early and put homeowners on a consistent watering schedule to ensure grass stays green and healthy.

#2 Grub & Insect Infestations

When it’s hot outside, certain types of bugs are attracted to the soil when it’s especially moist and either warmer or cooler than the surface. As such, insect proliferation is one of the other most common lawn problems that can appear during the summer months. Many insects eat grass blades, or like lawn grubs, they eat and drain the soil of its rich nutrients, leaving lawns dull and patchy looking.

If this is one of your lawn issues, it’s best to consult with a lawn care professional. However, you’ll want to do this prior to applying pesticides or trying to treat the grass on your own. What most homeowners don’t realize is that many pesticides require very specific applications that ensure residential and domestic pet safety.

#3 Fungus and Lawn Diseases

The stresses placed on lawns by drought and insect attacks can leave grass more susceptible to disease. Property owners who want to improve their lawns’ immunities should avoid watering after dark and mowing their grass with dull blades. These improper lawn care practices tend to create more openings to allow organisms to invade your lawn.

With professional lawn care services, homeowners can remain assured that their lawn receives adequate water and food, and at the right times. This can help improve lawn immunity against common diseases, further helping to increase the chances of your lawn remaining healthy and green year-round.

When to Hire a Pro

Homeowners who don’t have the knowledge-base or time to lend to consistent lawn care shouldn’t hesitate to consider professional services. Likewise, busy Houstonians who’d prefer to spend time entertaining on their lawn rather than maintaining it can contact Archer Services. Call us at 281-203-7615 for an initial assessment of your lawn maintenance needs. We’re happy to help!



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