Cheap Easy & Effective Lawn Care Tips Offered by Specialists

Aug 21, 2015 | Articles

Caring for a beautiful lawn is not easy, especially when you want it to improve the curb appeal of your property. Moreover, with the treatments of lawn care Conroe, TX residents apply on a regular basis, many things can go wrong. For instance, the grass blades may not look as healthy as they should, or the pests may always find their way to your lawn and garden. Today, lawn care Conroe, TX specialists gathered up to offer you five useful, cheap, easy, and effective tips on how to grow a lush lawn with little effort and money.

Check the Soil Profile

Lawn care Conroe, TX professionals advise you to first test your soil. In warm environments there’s always the chance that your soil suffers from a lack of fertilizers, or, on the contrary, from an excessive use of pesticides. Testing the soil will give you a good idea of the nutrients it really needs to sustain your grass and flowers. It will also help you use fertilizers and pesticides more carefully and only when needed.

Install an Optimized Irrigation System

One of the first rules lawn mowing Conroe, TX specialists apply is leaving the grass three inches tall. Taller grass needs less watering but will remain green during the dry season. Moreover, many make the mistake of watering the plants too much, spending time, money and effort with unsatisfying results. Overwatering the lawn may lead to the death of grass and plants. The best solution is to install an irrigation system which is optimized according to your lawn’s watering needs. The investment, while high at first, will become the best money you spent, as you won’t need to water yourself and be always concerned with under or overwatering issues.

Cut Down the Size of the Lawn

The easiest way to keep good control of your lawn, save money and effort, is to cut down its size. Our flower service Conroe, TX experts recommend to add flower beds, shrubs and trees, not only for landscaping purposes, but also for saving water, money and time.

Use Natural Products

Pest control Spring, TX professionals advise you to use natural pesticides and organic treatments to keep pests away. Moreover, fertilization services Humble, TX experts insist on using natural fertilizers, such as home-made compost in order to grow a lush, healthy lawn.

Monitor Your Lawn Care Activities

Lawn maintenance Tomball, TX experts say you should keep track of every treatment you apply on your lawn. Monitoring watering, soil fertilization, mowing and pest control treatments will give you a good idea of what works best (and when) for your lawn.



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