Paul & Aaron,
I don’t have your last names but I suppose this will get to you regardless.

In a prior life I spent 25 years in retail. Big box, multibillion dollar companies. Although I was not in sales, the message of customer service, both to internal and external customers, was ever present. Service was always a challenge and, at some point, became a distant dream. There were simply more chiefs than Indians and terms like superlative customer service were words on a white board.

It is rare that companies, that provide any service, really put the customer ahead of sales. I suppose I’m a bit jaded because my expectations are that I will have to almost force things to be done as intended. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed that Archer provided that “superlative customer service” I thought was forgotten. Sure, anyone can dig holes and plant trees and lay sod. The difference for you is that everyone, right down to the diggers and planters, wanted to ensure we were happy with the end result. It was more than just “happy”, it was the readiness to move a tree two feet if needed!

The back story is important to understand with this project. We had a beautiful back yard last year but sod web worms destroyed about 90% of it. We decided to install a pool so I suffered through looking at a horrible yard and construction knowing that I would have it brought back to “normal” after construction. Frankly, I didn’t care how much it was going to cost. Allison seemed to understand my dismay and I felt, after her coming out, that you guys were unlike the others who provided proposals. I was not disappointed.

I have never had so much hands on contact with a company that ensured we loved what we wanted. You can’t train people for customer service, it has to be part of their DNA. It takes a company culture to form that into a philosophy that carries forward every day. Your company has certainly done that very well.

I am certain you receive compliments about your services and workmanship frequently but I’m happy to add mine to the list. I also look forward to you handling my yard’s chemical needs. Finally….a company that knows what the hell they are doing! I’m anxious for the spring to arrive so see the green return that is grass and not weeds. Thank you again for the help and look forward to a continuing relationship.